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ECFX Expands Coverage to Four Corners of the United States

March 14, 2022 ECFX

ECFX Press Release

ECFX, the leader in electronic court notice management for law firms, has expanded its coverage of automated processing of state-level electronic court filing (ECF) notices to forty-one different ECF service providers in twenty-five states.

“Our commitment is to automate the processing of one-hundred percent of our client’s ECF notices, both Federal and State,” said Dan O’Day, Co-Founder and CEO of ECFX. “Our demand-driven ethos has led us to build out integrations not only in major legal markets such as New York, Illinois, California, Texas, Missouri, and Michigan, but also those across the entire country. I am proud to say that our support of New Hampshire, Florida, Alaska, and Hawaii puts us at the four corners of the United States.”

The same ethos applies on the federal level, where ECFX Notice currently supports not only all Appellate, Bankruptcy, and District courts, but also the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and the Court of International Trade.

“Many states and even counties contain multiple ECF service providers,” Dan O’Day continued. “We are now increasing our county-level coverage in states such as Pennsylvania and Arizona, and have our eyes set on plenty of new jurisdictions as our larger clients roll out ECFX Notice nationally.”

But granular coverage of all fifty states and the federal courts will be just the beginning, according to Dan O’Day. “We have some interesting integrations in the pipeline that will push automated notice processing well beyond the confines of litigation.”


ECFX was founded by legal and technology experts with a single goal: to address unmet automation needs in the legal industry. It is committed to filling in gaps in legal workflows with intelligently automated solutions, enabling firms to save time, gain control, mitigate risk, and improve visibility. Its premier product, ECFX Notice, automates the downloading, profiling, storing, and distribution of court documents in ECF notices for both State and Federal courts—saving firms hundreds of hours a week to focus on the work clients value.

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