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ECF Notice Automation for NYSCEF, PACER, & More

May 24, 2022 Admin

An increasing number of law firms are seeing the benefits of automating the tedious work of downloading, profiling, storing and routing court documents in electronic court filing (ECF) notices.

Dan O'Day, Co-Founder & CEO at ECFX, and Dustin Davis, Director of Sales at ECFX, outline the challenges and choices of transitioning from manual processing to Intelligent Automation with ECFX Notice to handle the many types of court notices a typical law firm in New York receives.

ECFX Notice processes all NYSCEF notices, including E-Track, Matrimonial, Landlord Tenant, and Surrogate's Court, with support for sealed documents and end-to-end encryption. The same on the Federal side: ECFX Notice processes all PACER notices, including Appeals, CIT, and Bankruptcy, with PDF consolidation and other exciting features. Does your firm have an IP practice? ECFX Notice also processes PTAB notices.

And it doesn't stop in New York. Today, we are processing ECF notices in New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Missouri, and many more courts across the country.

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