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Increasing Efficiency for In-House Litigation Departments

February 22, 2024 ECFX

Marcus Evans <> ECFX Webinar

Legal departments have not escaped the eye of the CFO and continue to be under pressure to contribute to reducing company overheads. At the same time, technology is enabling more high volume, process orientated, repetitive tasks to be automated, allowing thus legal teams to focus more of their time on what really matters to the business. But what are the quick gains and how do you separate the tech noise from the real tangible opportunities?

In this interactive virtual discussion, we welcome our panel of innovative legal industry leaders, as they share ideas on how they have embraced change to deliver new processes and technologies that can deliver a leaner more agile In-House litigation department that can reduce costs while managing risk.

Learning Objectives:
- Automating high-volume repetitive tasks to reduce cost and manage risk
- Accelerating response rate and eliminating delays during the processing of electronic filing notices
- Reducing risk while enabling flexibility and exception handling
- Increasing efficiency so nothing “slips through the cracks”
- Improving visibility by presenting customizable metrics for daily activity reporting

- Dick Mosher, President, Conflict Resolution Alliance; Senior Counsel, Denton’s
- Dauna Williams, Founder/CEO, LawTechLearn
- Dan O’Day, CEO and Co-Founder, ECFX

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