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ECF Notice Automation: North Carolina ED Compliance

October 18, 2023 ECFX


Join Dan O'Day, CEO & Co-Founder at ECFX, and Ted Kukorowski, Director of Sales at ECFX as they outline the challenges and choices of transitioning from manual processing to Intelligent Automation with ECFX Notice to handle the many types of court notices a typical law firm receives.
They will also be addressing the recent Standing Order of the Eastern District of North Carolina R.E. "Third-Party Services and Access to Case Information and Documents" addressing the use of third-party service providers (including PacerPro, DocketBird, CourtDrive, and RECAP) by registered users of the CM/ECF system. It has come to their attention that certain providers may publish case filings, potentially compromising your client's confidential information. They will discuss how ECFX Notice is different than other solutions by acting as an extension of your law firm's secure environment, ensuring that confidential court documents remain private.

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